What's the beef?

Perfection Takes time... & Dedication

we take great pride in knowing that only 1% of all beef raised in the United States qualifies to be bearded jerky. we hope you do too...

Family owned Ranches

Our beef comes from carefully selected family owned ranches in the United States that can be found throughout Oregon, Colorado, Montana, Washington, and California. Every one of these ranches raises their cattle in a way that is truly natural and sustainable.

Actually Natural

Not all natural cattle are raised in the same manner as our beef. Most dairy calves are removed from their mothers within 48 hours and raised in pens for their entire lives, without access to pasture and grass…yet can qualify for a “Natural” designation. While a source of beef, we do not believe this is the definition of naturally-raised, sustainable beef.

For truly natural beef, we feel that cattle raised along side their mother with free access to grass and pasture is the foundation. Less than 1% of all beef raised in the United States qualify under these standards

No hormones or antibiotics

In order for these cattle to qualify as our definition of “Natural”, they are never administered antibiotics or growth hormones and are fed a 100% vegetarian diet. This is a longer growing process compared to commodity beef, but we feel it is worth it.

Made in The us

All of our products are made in the u.s.

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The people love our jerky and we love them :)

Highest Quality

Every bag has the highest quality beef.

Impacts others

Makes more than just your father smile.

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