Veterans Row 2021

Veterans Row 2021

Veterans Row

Los Angeles, Ca: March 14,2021

Interview & Donation:

The Bearded Jerky team took a trip down to Los Angeles, CA to show our support for the Veterans who are camping outside the Veterans Memorial Hospital. These men & Women, who have risked their lives to defend the very country they sleep homeless in. They have little to no access to the medical aid and assistance that is supposed to be provided to them by these facilities. Watch the full interview & Donation here! You can show your support by donating to the various causes mentioned in the video or buy more jerky!

What is Veterans Row?

Veterans Row is a stretch of sidewalk outside of the v.a. memorial hospital in los angeles, California where dozens of homeless veterans have built a community. They end up here due to various different reasons & they all have their own story... Most of them come here because it gives them a better opportunity to receive the medical attention they need. These veterans are fighting to receive basic necessities while surrounding enterprises lobby to push them out of this area so that they can obtain the real estate. It is a disgusting situation that needs the attention of the nation. These men & women deserve the support.

We're in the business of making a difference

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